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The Roughriders celebrated their silver anniversary in 2011, culminating 25 years of baseball in Haddonfield and the TriCounty Baseball League dating back to 1986. With over 600 games played, more than 200 players rostered, and two Carter Cup championships (1993, 2006), the Roughriders have established themselves as one of the finest baseball organizations in Southern New Jersey.

A panel of Roughrider historians selected players to a 25-year anniversary team. Criteria for inclusion is based on performance, longevity, and dedication to the game. The list has both a first team and second team, including three starting pitchers and a closer, positional players, utility player, and manager.

position player yrs of service
SP George Lovett 1992-96, '98-2002
SP Mark Kraus 1989-2005, '07-09
SP Brian Spicer 2002-10
RP Tom Gallagher 1991-94
C Ted Frangos 1986-2000
INF BJ Amorelli 1990-95, '97-98, 2000-05
INF Lee DeLoach 1987-88, '91-99
INF Pete DiLorenzo 1990-97, 2000-02
INF Bill Kohut 1987-88, '91-2011
OF Jim Nastasi 2005-07
OF Gary Urban 1988-93
OF Dan Severino 1997-2006
DH Mike Carlino 1999-2009
UT Chris Caprio 1990-93
MGR Ted Frangos 1986-2000

position player yrs of service
SP Rob Schork 2004-09
SP Mike Cummings 2006-09
SP Don Ballinghoff 1988-92
RP Dan McKenna 2000-02,'05-06
C Rob Oryl 2003-10
INF Dave Vadurro 1998, 2005-10
INF Matt Longo 2003-05, '07
INF Adriano Petrutz 2009-11
INF Ian Wallace 2000, '02-06
OF Bill Reilly 1986-94
OF Phil Arena 2003-09
OF Mark Kraus 1989-2005, '07-09
DH Scott Mangold 1993-95
UT Dave Page 1991, 2002-04, '10
MGR Bill Kohut 1987-88, '91-2011

Team Notes:

-Ted Frangos is the only player to appear twice on one team ( First Team catcher and manager)

-Mark Kraus and Bill Kohut are the only two players to appear on both the First and Second team. Kraus as a pitcher (First Team) and outfielder (Second Team), Kohut as an infielder (First Team) and manager (Second Team)

-The team's All-Time Roster has every player who appeared in a Roughrider game for during the first 25 years

-Discuss these selections and the Roughs' first 25 years on the site's Message Board

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