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Posted on 2013-07-15 23:52:44
Name: Bruce JohnsonEmail: bj1019@aol.com
Message: My book "Covered Wooden Grandstands" is currently available through me. It's an anecdotal history of semipro/amateur baseball in New Jersey, with chapters for every county in the state, Pennsylvania and several other states. Contact me at bj1019@aol.com ... price of the book is $25, plus $5 for shipping. Stories by Phil Anastasia, Bob Klapisch and others. bruce johnson burlington county times

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Posted on 2017-11-10 17:29:20
Name: Earle Lawson Jr.Email: earlelawson@hotmail.com
Comment: My father's picture is on the cover of your book Covered Wooden Grandstands. He was Earle Lawson. He played many years for Whitehouse. He is in the right hand upper corner kneeling below Pete Hendershot. My dad passed away in 2003 but my mom is still alive and I would love to get her a copy of the book. The cover of your book brings back a lot of great memories of watching my dad play as I grew up. I also played in the tri county league in the earley 70's. Thanks if you can in getting the book.

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